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The Top 3 Ways to Keep Your Motivation High in Early Recovery

Staying in recovery requires motivation. After a long fight with addiction, attaining sobriety will prove itself to be an arduous process that calls for a significant amount of dedication and commitment.

Whether you’re struggling to get away from alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, opioids, or prescription pill abuse, overcoming an unhealthy lifestyle is no small feat. Make no mistake, sobriety is difficult to achieve. No matter what degree or type of addiction you’re dealing with, however, there’s one factor that’s bound to play the biggest role while you’re on the road to sobriety: motivation.

The Importance of Strong Recovery Motivation

The main reason this aspect plays such a significant part in the recovery journeys of any recovering addict is that it helps fuel the change that must take place before other measures are set. Having the right mindset and drive is responsible for ensuring that every stage of recovery goes according to plan. From bringing oneself into the treatment center to staying clean after the final session, making a positive change to avoid substance abuse will always be paramount.

How To Build Recovery Motivation

Sobriety is a never-ending road that calls for the utmost dedication. To achieve it, you’ll need to build your motivation to the point where it is able to weather any storm. If you want to escape your past of substance abuse and ensure that you have a strong foundation to fight off addiction, here are a few ways you can establish your commitment to sobriety:

1) Consider the monetary and physical costs

When you take a look at what makes substance abuse such a difficult thing to handle and experience, some of the most prominent factors you’ll encounter are the negative implications to your health and finances.

Recovery from a past of heavy drug or alcohol dependence can only be established when you take a step back and look at the broader picture to fully understand the consequences of such actions. By remembering the overarching financial costs and the health risks of drug use during your road to sobriety, you can have a better chance to avoid repeating the same mistakes!

2) Find inspiration in others’ stories

Although most recovery specialists and ailing addicts tend to focus only on the negatives of drug abuse, what they typically overlook is the need to seek positive reinforcement. This often leads to slipping into relapses.

You can find one source of this support in success stories. Thanks to the internet, you can find different videos and discussions hosted by former addicts who successfully conquered their battle with substance abuse. Suppose you’re feeling unmotivated or struggling to stay on the path to recovery. When this inevitably happens, you can always watch a video or read an article from a recovering addict to find common ground and inspiration so that you can overcome that feeling of being alone in your fight.

3) Seek out ongoing treatment

Another effective way to keep your motivation in line when going through the long, winding road to continuous sobriety is to seek various programs that will help keep you headed in the right direction.

Continuous treatment options, such as outpatient counseling from Inner Voyage Recovery, can help you maintain motivation with constant guidance and expert help. Our ongoing counseling is effective at keeping recovering patients on the right track. This is due to our tailor-made treatment programs that are customized to your specific needs. At Inner Voyage, we offer three different types of outpatient treatment programming that includes:

Stick to your Recovery in Atlanta

Staying on the path to recovery and continual sobriety throughout a lifetime is something that can be quite difficult. Nevertheless, having your motivation in check can easily make a world of difference in your efforts. With the help of the three tips mentioned above, you’ll be able to ensure that your motivation remains as strong as ever to fight all of the temptations that may come your way.

When it comes to effectively treating substance abuse and staying sober throughout your recovery, Inner Voyage Recovery believes that every case is unique. Whether you are looking for an outpatient counseling, PHP, or IOP program near you, we have a plan suited to your needs and based on your life experiences for an effective path to recovery. Get in touch with us today to get started on your journey. (470) 523-4606

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