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Helping a Loved One in Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Seeing your loved ones struggle with cocaine addiction is one of the hardest things that you can ever witness. During this very difficult time, it is important that you show your loved one that you fully support them. Providing them with the strength that they need to get through cocaine addiction treatment is one of the best things you can do to ensure that they will have the best chances of overcoming their addiction and taking control of their life.


There are several things that you can do to help your loved one as they go through cocaine addiction treatment. Having a better understanding of cocaine and addiction is important when it comes to showing your support and helping your loved one through this difficult journey.

About Cocaine and Addiction

A survey conducted by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) shows that approximately 1.5 million Americans aged 11 and above used cocaine at least one time in the months leading up to the date of the survey. These alarming results demonstrate just how big of a problem cocaine addiction is in our country.

Unfortunately, cocaine is an incredibly powerful stimulant that produces a significant high, which can leave a person feeling awake and alert for several hours. 


This Schedule II controlled substance is incredibly dangerous and addictive. People can develop a cocaine addiction very quickly after using this substance. Unfortunately, the chances of developing a cocaine addiction are drastically increased in people who suffer from mental health issues or have experienced trauma at a young age. Biological makeup can also influence a person to turn to substance use. 


When a loved one falls addicted to cocaine, they may not even recognize that they have a serious problem. It is important to encourage them to seek cocaine addiction treatment so that they can take back control of their life. Family support during cocaine addiction treatment is critically important.

Recognizing Signs of Cocaine Addiction 

Being able to spot the signs of cocaine addiction and your loved one is important. Recognizing that they may be struggling with addiction is the key to knowing when it is time for you to help them get cocaine addiction treatment.


When a person is struggling with cocaine addiction, they may spend a significant amount of time trying to get their hands on the drugs in order to use them. The person may become unreliable, and they may put important tasks on the back burner.


If your loved one is struggling, you may notice a decline in their work production. They may also have poor grades in school. Their physical health may also be impacted by cocaine addiction. You may notice a decreased appetite, significant weight loss, and problem sleeping. They may also seem more irritable and have mood swings.


If your loved one is struggling with cocaine addiction, it is important that you take care of yourself as well. Staying strong for your loved one can help to ensure that you are available to give them the support that they need throughout cocaine addiction treatment.

Helping Your Loved One With Cocaine Addiction

Families play a major role in a person’s ability to overcome their addiction in cocaine addiction treatment.  Aside from having an intervention and convincing your loved one to get the treatment they need, there are many ways that family members can support their loved one while they go through cocaine addiction treatment and beyond. 


After your loved one goes through cocaine addiction treatment, it is important that you watch for warning signs or potential triggers that could lead to a relapse. If possible, try to keep your loved one away from people, places, and other things that they associated with drug use before treatment. 


Encourage your loved one to maintain and continue with the healthy habits that they learned in their treatment program. Exercise with them, enjoy a cooking class together or go out for a hike. Make sure that your loved one goes to their meetings and treatment sessions. Ensuring they continue to go to their therapy sessions will help them keep on track with their sobriety. 


Additionally, family counseling and education can be incredibly helpful when it comes to building and strengthening family relationships. Being positive, patient, and supportive of your loved one during their recovery can have a significant impact on their success.

Tips for Supporting Your Loved One

Watching a loved one struggle with cocaine addiction can be incredibly difficult. There are some tips that can help you be supportive of your loved one and help them achieve a healthier life.


  • It is important that you educate yourself on the disease of addiction. You will want to learn about the mental and physical effects that cocaine addiction can have, as well as the potential cocaine addiction treatment options. 
  • Be patient yet persistent with your loved one.do not enable their drug use or abuse. Make it very clear to them that you do not support their use of substances, but you are there to support them as a person.
  • Never make excuses for your loved one and their drug use. Do not offer any financial support.
  • Set strict boundaries and continue to uphold them.
  • Try to engage in unhelpful and educational conversations with your loved one about their struggles when they are sober. 


It is important that you are able to help your loved one understand the ways that their cocaine addiction is affecting everyone. This can help to encourage them to get the treatment that they need.

Turn to Inner Voyage Recovery Center For Help

When it comes to cocaine addiction treatment, having the right team in place can make a big difference when it comes to the success of your loved one in overcoming their addiction and living a happy and substance-free life. 


Our team at Inner Voyage Recovery Center is here to help your loved one overcome their addiction by learning healthy ways to resist urger and make responsible decisions. Contact our team at your earliest convenience to see how our cocaine addiction treatment program can help. 

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