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Quitting and Getting Help for Cocaine Addiction

The day you decide to get help for your cocaine addiction sets your life on a new trajectory. While the road to recovery is far from easy, deciding to get help means allowing yourself to let others hold you accountable. If you have seen the damage that cocaine use has caused in your life and are ready to change that, you are in the right place.

Where Do I Begin?

Understanding Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant made from the leaves of the coca plant. Within minutes of taking this drug, it enters the bloodstream and reaches the brain. Once absorbed by the body, the drug increases activity in the brain, especially an increased production of the “happy hormone” dopamine. This increased level of dopamine can give a person the feeling of extreme euphoria and mental alertness.

Prolonged use of cocaine can have negative effects on a person’s body and their lifestyle. Once an individual gets to the point of addiction, their body feels like it cannot function properly without it. Going too long without the drug can cause a person who has become addicted to have symptoms of withdrawal. Withdrawal symptoms are notoriously uncomfortable and can be dangerous.

Long-term use of cocaine can also impact an individual’s personal and social life. Cocaine abuse can manifest differently in each individual. Symptoms can look like any of the following:

  • Erratic Behavior
  • Paranoia
  • Loss of appetite
  • Disinterest in hobbies that you would usually find joy
  • Lying and hiding use
  • Financial problems
  • Loss of job or dropping out of school
  • Relationship problems

Despite the constant exposure and sometimes glamorization of this addiction in the media, cocaine is a serious drug that can cause major consequences when it is abused. Being addicted to cocaine is nothing to be ashamed of, especially if you are making the effort to beat your addiction.

Asking for Help From Family and Friends

Admitting that you have a problem is a huge step. It will take admitting that you have a substance use problem to ask for help from family and friends. While it may seem daunting, you never know how supportive your family will be until you speak with them. While your fears are valid, having a conversation with people who care about you can relieve some of the stress off your shoulders.

How to Reduce Cocaine Use or Quit

It is not recommended to try to quit on your own. While you can gradually scale back on your use of the drug, quitting cold turkey can prove to be more difficult and dangerous. The best course of action is to find a facility that specializes in cocaine addiction treatment. Meanwhile, here are a few things to remember as you battle this addiction.

  • Celebrate your small victories. No matter how big or small your achievements are, you are making an effort to change a large part of your life. There is nothing easy about what you are doing, so be kind to yourself.
  • Find resources and people who can help you stay accountable. You are not alone. Do not try to do everything on your own. You will just overwhelm yourself, which can make it harder to recover.

Why Quitting Matters

Cocaine addiction can take a toll on every aspect of your life. From your physical health to your personal relationships, substances can make it challenging to live the life that you deserve. With all the negative side effects of cocaine use, there is no way to live a healthy, full life while taking these drugs. Here are some of the benefits of quitting cocaine use.

Improve Your Health

Cocaine use puts a massive strain on your health. Cocaine use can increase your blood pressure and risk of heart disease and stroke. When your brain constantly needs chemicals to function, it has gone too far. When you quit taking drugs, your immune system will begin to improve. Additionally, you will be able to return to a regular eating and sleeping schedule. Not only will your physical health improve significantly, but your mental health will benefit too.

Improve Relationships or Build New Ones

If your home, professional, and social life has been impacted by your cocaine use, you might have a chance to repair and rekindle those relationships when you get sober. If your old crowd is one of the reasons for your use, you may find it beneficial to make new friends.

Of course, that is easier said than done. Here are a few ways to make new friends in recovery:

  • Revisit hobbies that you enjoyed before you became addicted to cocaine
  • Find new hobbies
  • Join local support groups like narcotics anonymous (NA)

Your newfound recovery will inspire you to fix broken relationships and create new healthy ones.

Where to Find Treatment

Choosing the rehabilitation facility that will be most fitting for your circumstances can be challenging. When you are choosing your cocaine rehab facility, think about what is important to you. Deciding what is important to you will help slim your list of options. Each treatment facility will offer different things. They will specialize in treatments, therapies, or ideologies. Some will be in your budget, and others will not, or they will be outside of your travel range.

Choose a facility that will cater to you and your personal wants and goals. That will guarantee the best outcome for you.

Cocaine Addiction Rehab Center in Atlanta, GA.

At Inner Voyage Recovery Center in Atlanta, Georgia, we treat multiple substance use disorders, including cocaine addiction. If you are looking for a judgment-free place to begin your path to recovery, Inner Voyage Recovery Center is the place for you. Addiction does not discriminate, and neither do we. We offer cocaine rehab to residents of Atlanta and its surrounding areas. Your recovery matters to us. If you or someone you know is struggling with cocaine addiction, contact us at Inner Voyage Recovery Center to begin building a solid base for your recovery.

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