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“Is Ambien Addictive?” Yes, and Treatment May Help You

Your doctor prescribed you Ambien to fight your insomnia, and you’re a little nervous. After all, you’ve probably heard the buzz about folks becoming hooked on their sleeping pills, right? So, can you really get hooked on it—is Ambien addictive? You deserve to know before you start taking it. Here’s the TLDR version: yes, Ambien is potentially addictive. Is it as dicey as dealing with benzos? Not quite, but abuse may still take over your life in scary ways.

Good news! We’ve got your back at Inner Voyage Recovery Center. At Inner Voyage Recovery Center, we’re equipped to confront your Ambien dependency head-on and accompany you every step of the way on your journey toward recovery. So please read through this article to learn more. Even if you don’t take Ambien, let a friend who does know about this. Even a single conversation could make all the difference potentially, especially if abuse and addiction worsen with time.

Is Ambien Addictive? Potentially

So, let’s cut to the chase: is Ambien addictive, and how? According to Drugs.com, yes. When it was first discovered, doctors believed they’d discovered a sleep medicine with no addictive potential. Sadly, that’s not the case. Ambien users know all-too

Studies have shown that physical dependence can develop in a few weeks, even when used properly. How can doctors be so wrong? Unfortunately, predicting addictive potential may be challenging. Modern Ambien dosage recommendations limit you to only 7-10 days.

Taking Ambien longer can cause heavy withdrawal symptoms in many people. What is withdrawal? It’s a condition that occurs when you stop taking an addictive substance suddenly. Expect physical, emotional, and even behavioral reactions when quitting Ambien.

  • Mood Changes: Unfortunately, you’ll likely experience extreme mood swings, particularly depression, when quitting Ambien. You can also anticipate nervousness, anxiety, and panic attacks.
  • Insomnia: Quitting a sleep medication like Ambien may suddenly trigger insomnia. Tragically, that’s a common result and typically occurs even after quitting Ambien carefully.
  • Cramps and Tremors: People who quit Ambien may experience abdominal and muscle cramps, as well as heavy tremors, sweating, and even intense pain through their extremities.
  • Digestive Issues: After quitting Ambien, expect to experience stomach cramps, nausea, and even vomiting. In rare cases, seizures may even occur: how scary is that?

When answering the question “Is Ambien addictive?” the answer is all too obvious. Does that mean Ambien is dangerous? Not necessarily, especially if you follow your doctor’s recommendations. Is help available? Absolutely! Rehab centers can work you through your recovery and help you regain your sobriety. Understanding this process can ensure that you get the support that you deserve.

Can Rehab Support Help?

High-quality drug rehab is the most powerful way to overcome addiction. So while yes, the answer to the question “Is Ambien addictive?” is a scary one, your recovery doesn’t have to frighten you. Our team understands that recovering from addiction occurs on many levels, including:

  • Physical elements, such as withdrawal pain and other suffering
  • Emotional factors, including co-occurring disorders
  • Behavioral concerns, such as rewarding negative behaviors with drugs

How do we handle this complex recovery process? By providing a whole-person treatment. We don’t just handle your rehab and kick you out the door. Instead, we work with multi-tiered therapy sessions that help improve your recovery and ensure that you get the help you need to thrive.

Does Faith-Based Counseling Work?

After answering the question “Is Ambien addictive?” you may find yourself drawn to faith-based counseling. Thankfully, at Inner Voyage Recovery Center, we can provide this therapy for you. We know faith helps many people recover. Does it matter what faith you follow? Our team supports all Christian-based counseling options, including therapies like:

  • Prayer and meditation to help you focus on recovery
  • Fellowship, along with praise and worship services
  • Daily devotionals to keep you focused on recovery
  • Biblical and 12-step studies to work through this care
  • Scripture study that gives you emotional support
  • Spiritual reflection with the help of a guided counselor

Furthermore, we can help you answer the question, “Is Ambien addictive?” and ensure that you’re spiritually prepared for treatment. Note that we may offer some alternative religious services for people who need them. Reach out to us to learn more about these options, and we can help you get through your Ambien addiction recovery process following your specific faith-based needs.

Other Treatments to Consider

If faith-based treatments aren’t the answer to the question “Is Ambien addictive?” or your treatment, we’re here for you! Our team provides multiple high-quality treatments that can minimize your struggle. What are these therapies? Holistic and exciting treatments are designed to make your therapy more effective. Just a few that you might want to consider include:

  • Adventure Therapy: In this treatment, you’ll ride horses, go camping, and explore the wilderness while learning more about addictive behavior patterns.
  • Family Therapy: Are you part of a large family that suffered due to your Ambien addiction? This therapeutic option lets you meet in groups to work through your issues together.
  • Intervention: Do you know someone else who might be addicted? Our intervention services step into place and help get them into treatment.
  • Trauma Therapy: Addiction creates trauma, and this therapy helps you manage it. For instance, we can reduce your sleep-based trauma to help you rest easier at night.
  • Behavioral Therapy: Addiction often includes heavy behavioral elements. Thankfully, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) can help.
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment: Are you experiencing severe withdrawal when quitting Ambien? Medication-assisted treatment, or MAT, can help you through this process effectively.

Our team will help you choose one of these treatments when answering the question, “Is Ambien addictive for you?” and will ensure it meets your needs. What happens if you don’t like your therapy? Just let us know! We’re here to tweak your approach to meet your needs. Remember: this is your life, and we’re your therapists. Just tell us what you want, and we will achieve it.

How Can We Lend a Hand?

So, is Ambien addictive? Yes, especially when taken improperly. If you’re worried about addiction, please contact us at Inner Voyage Recovery Center by calling (470) 523-4606 today. Our team will assess your needs and work you through this process. Can we handle all your recovery needs? Yes, so please let us know what we can do to help you here.

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