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What Are the Effects of Mushrooms and Their Treatment Options?

While most mushrooms are safe to eat without any side effects, “magic mushrooms” or psilocybin mushrooms create an intense hallucinogenic high. The effects of mushrooms vary depending on the person but can often cause many serious health issues. Are mushrooms addictive? Not physically, no. However, they may create emotional or psychological dependency issues.

Thankfully, Inner Voyage Recovery Center can help you better understand the effects of mushrooms physically and emotionally. Have you used mushrooms heavily and worry you’re addicted? We’re also here to help! Our team can guide you through this process, help you identify potential signs of addiction, and ensure that you live a safe and healthy life.

Understanding Mushrooms

Psilocybin mushrooms grow naturally throughout multiple environments and usually grow on animal feces, particularly cows. Why is that the case? Well, they eat these mushrooms and their seeds, and they grow inside the animal’s digestive tract before maturing on their waste. This rather strange beginning makes mushrooms a rather unique substance compared to other drugs.

When dried out properly, people take mushrooms orally. You can eat mushrooms (typically in small doses) or create a tea. How long should it take for the effects to appear? That varies, of course. Most people notice them after about 30 minutes or an hour. A “trip” should last 4-5 hours, though some may last far longer. Things like genetic predisposition may intensify your trip.

Are mushrooms similar to acid or other hallucinogens? Yes and no. Mushrooms produce a milder high compared to acid. That said, taking heavy amounts may trigger very intense trips. But are they dangerous? That depends on many factors. Some people take mushrooms for years without problems, while others experience extreme paranoia and other mental health issues.

The Effects of Mushrooms Might Cause Addiction

While mushrooms can help with addiction treatment, they’re still problematic. Here’s an example: Michael experiences high stress at his job every day. On the weekends, he takes mushrooms to hallucinate and escape. It’s similar to people who drink or abuse other drugs to relax and just as potentially problematic. Could Michael become as dependent on mushrooms as other people are on alcohol? Absolutely, even if he doesn’t become physically addictive.

So please don’t laugh about the idea of mushroom addiction. The effects of mushrooms mirror those of other drugs and could easily become addictive. Thankfully, Inner Voyage Recovery Center can help you. Our team provides multiple therapy options that can beat mushroom addiction. What’s our goal? To break the cycle of addiction and help you master new coping mechanisms for life.

Mushrooms as Addiction Treatment?

As the science progresses and more studies have been conducted, it seems that we are ever-increasingly closer to the use of psilocybin as an actual treatment for various addictions. Of course, there is still a lot of research still to be conducted. And, much like ketamine and other newer treatments, treatment with psilocybin requires the expertise and experience of a doctor to conduct and can go awry if attempted as self-medication at home.

How Outpatient Rehab Helps

Since the effects of mushrooms don’t cause physical addiction, you likely won’t need detoxification. Is mushroom withdrawal possible? We haven’t seen it, frankly, but some may experience mood swings and other issues. Is that common? Not really. As a result, you probably just need outpatient rehab to manage this danger. What is outpatient treatment, and how can it help you?

Outpatient focuses on treating addiction while letting you stay at home. Typically, you go to sessions during the day and return home at night. Can your sessions work around your life? Absolutely! You can go to work, raise your kids, and even attend classes while in rehab therapy. Sessions last several hours and vary in intensity. A few options include:

  • Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)
  • Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)
  • General Outpatient Programs (OP)

The first two types use medical services to manage your addiction: you probably won’t need them for the effects of mushrooms. What happens during a session? We discuss your addiction triggers, help you work through your stressors, and make your recovery easier. Family and group sessions may help people who prefer a little extra support. Is your treatment personalized? Yes.

The Effects of Mushrooms

Psilocybin mushrooms create hallucinogenic effects and other intense reactions. Currently, it’s a Schedule 1 substance, meaning the DEA believes it has no benefits. The effects of mushrooms can vary based on the person but typically include reactions like:

  • Visual and auditory hallucinations
  • Distorts perceptions in intense ways
  • Disruptions in your thought patterns
  • Intense euphoria and peacefulness
  • Depersonalization with your surroundings
  • Nausea and vomiting, along with confusion
  • Weakness in the muscles and intense drowsiness
  • Difficulty paying attention and intense confusion
  • Distorted thinking and even paranoia and aggression

Will you experience all these effects? Probably not. Most people get nauseous eating them (they’re not technically safe to eat, and you can overdose) and experience intense hallucinations. The other effects come and go. Are they dangerous? That depends on the situation. Mushroom use can create long-term effects that last for days or weeks and even permanently alter your consciousness.

Family Therapy May Also Help

Family therapy provides many benefits that may help you overcome mushroom addiction. How does it work? You and several family members sit with our counselors and talk about your drug use. During a session, we’ll learn about your addiction and its root causes and triggers.

Then, we can identify abusive communication patterns and improve our techniques. What about stress? We’ll discuss coping mechanisms you and your family can use. In this way, we can break down enabling behaviors and help your family cope. Furthermore, we can help establish personal boundaries.

Take Control of Your Life

Have the effects of mushrooms adversely affected your life? Call us at Inner Voyage Recovery Center at (470) 523-4606 to learn more. Where do we start? With a free assessment that gauges your addiction risks. Then, we work you through your recovery to reduce your pain. Do we guarantee success? No medical treatment is perfect. However, we’ll do what we can to help you manage the effects of mushrooms safely.

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