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Drug Addiction Intervention Services in Atlanta, Georgia

Drug Addiction Intervention Services in Atlanta, GA

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Watching a loved one slip away slowly as they sink more and more into their alcohol or substance use disorder is difficult. Family and friends often want to do something to help but are unsure what to do or how best to convince their loved one to enter rehab when they do not want help. This is when an alcohol and drug addiction intervention could be beneficial. 

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What is an Alcohol and Drug Addiction Intervention?

An alcohol and drug addiction intervention is a process aimed at helping individuals struggling with substance abuse issues. It can involve family, friends, and others coming together to facilitate a discussion about the individual’s addiction. 

The goal of an intervention is to convince the person to seek treatment for their addiction. This may be done through education on the dangers of alcohol or drug use, discussing potential consequences if they do not get help, and providing emotional support

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How to Stage an Intervention

Staging an intervention is not as simple as sitting down with your loved one and letting them know they need to get help for their alcohol or substance use problem. Instead, specific steps should be followed to ensure the loved one is not pushed further away. 

Identify the Problem: 

The first step in staging an intervention is to identify and acknowledge the problem with alcohol or drug abuse. This includes noting any changes in behavior, relationships, physical health, job performance, financial situation, etc. 

Gather a Support Group: 

Now it is time to assemble a support group that can help facilitate the intervention process and get the person into treatment. This can include friends, family members, and professionals such as addiction interventionists, counselors, and therapists. It is essential to choose people who understand addiction well enough to be able to help the loved one. 

Plan Ahead: 

Before beginning an intervention, it is essential for those involved to plan ahead and decide what will be discussed during the session. It is also important to set ground rules so that everyone remains respectful throughout the discussion while addressing all relevant issues related to substance use, including potential consequences if treatment is not sought. 

Use an Interventionist: 

Using a professional interventionist can make all of these steps much easier. They have experience dealing with these types of conversations regularly and remain neutral throughout the discussion to prevent things from escalating into arguments or emotional outbursts that could derail the progress made toward convincing someone they need help for their substance use. 

Make a Treatment Plan: 

If the intervention is successful, it is crucial for those involved and their interventionist to agree on follow-up plans and establish short-term goals for starting rehab treatment. Doing this once the person admits they want help ensures everyone understands their role in helping their loved one take the first steps to recovery. 

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Does My Loved One Need an Intervention?

If your loved one is exhibiting signs of addiction or is struggling with alcohol or drug use, and you believe they need help, then an intervention may be beneficial in encouraging them to seek treatment. 

Signs that a loved one might need an intervention include:

  • Changes in behavior, such as increased aggression, isolation, or financial problems.
  • Physical health issues due to their substance use, such as weight loss or poor hygiene.
  • Changes in their relationships with family members or friends. 

If you are concerned about your loved one and think they need help, it is vital to speak with an interventionist to plan an intervention. 

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Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

  • Changes in Physical Appearance. 
  • Slurred Speech 
  • Shakes or Tremors 
  • Memory Lapses
  • Lack of Motivation or Energy 
  • Loss of Control 
  • Tolerance: 
  • Withdrawal 
  • Obsession with Alcohol or Drugs
  • Neglecting Responsibilities
  • Using Despite Negative Consequences
  • Increased Risk-Taking 
  • Social Isolation
  • Loss of Enjoyment 
  • Hiding Use

Types of Drug Addiction Interventions

  • The Johnson Model: This model is a direct and straightforward approach to addiction interventions involving family members, friends, and other loved ones coming together to confront their addicted loved one about the negative impacts of their substance use. 
  • The ARISE Model: This intervention model involves more organized planning and preparation by having trained professionals meet with family members prior to the actual intervention to assess the situation, develop an action plan, and provide support throughout the process. 
  • The CRAFT Model: This type of intervention focuses on teaching people how to recognize when their addicted loved one needs help, as well as providing them with tools for managing difficult conversations that might arise during recovery attempts or relapse prevention measures. 
  • Motivational Interviewing Intervention: This type of intervention encourages addicts to take responsibility for their own behavior while also helping them identify and address any underlying issues that could be causing or contributing to their substance use issues.
  • The Family Systemic Model: This intervention model focuses on the entire family and recognizes that addiction is often a systemic problem that requires cooperation from everyone to be addressed successfully. It also involves educating family members about how to handle difficult conversations and providing them with techniques for managing their own emotions during the recovery process.

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How Much Does an Intervention Cost?

The cost of an intervention will vary depending on the type and length of the intervention and any additional services that may be provided. Generally, interventions can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand, depending on the complexity of the situation. 

Some insurance companies may cover the cost of interventions if it is deemed medically necessary for a person’s treatment. Therefore, it is best to contact your insurance provider or the recovery center to determine addiction treatment and intervention services coverage.

What if the Intervention Does Not Work?

If an intervention does not work, it is vital to remember you should not give up hope. Your loved one may still come around in time. Meanwhile, family support options are available to provide you and your family with the help they need. 

It can also be beneficial to join a support group for family members of addicts, participate in individual and family counseling, continue to educate yourself about addiction, and learn how to set boundaries with consequences without enabling your loved one. Most importantly, you and your family must put their physical and mental health and well-being first. 

Begin Drug Addiction Intervention Support Near Atlanta, Georgia

When you are concerned about your loved one and their substance use problems, help and support are available for you and your family at Inner Voyage Recovery near Atlanta. We provide assistance in drug addiction interventions, counseling, addiction education, and other support options. Contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our interventionists today.

“As a parent of a loved one recovering from the disease of addiction, I have a lot of experience with recovery centers. So I speak with absolute confidence when I recommend Inner Voyage to anyone serious about getting help. The staff is loving, knowledgeable, and are passionate about helping people find their way back to a fulfilling healthy life. There is beautiful life after addiction and this is a place dedicated to helping people find their way.”

– Sandi A.

Rehab Center


We know that choosing a drug and alcohol treatment center isn’t an easy choice. There are many decisions to be made, and we want you to know that you are not in this alone. Browse our FAQ to find clarity.

  • Am I protected by the Federal Government if you seek help with your addiction while employed?

    Yes, you are. It’s called the FMLA. It’s a Federal law that protects employees during periods considered Mental Health Crises and a drug addiction fall under that.

  • How is Inner Voyage Recovery Center different from other treatment programs?

    The team at Inner Voyage truly believes that everyone belongs. Our highest priority is creating a kind, caring, and compassionate environment where you feel connected and safe. We want to develop a real relationship with you and we want you to develop real relationships with those around you. We provide a place to be you with no judgment while giving you the tools and knowledge you need to cope with your recovery long-term. We start small, one step at a time, and guide you through the recovery process.

  • What if my loved one is not ready for treatment but needs it?

    One of the hardest things in life is watching a loved one struggle with addiction. We would love to talk to your loved one and see if we can help them. Our conversations are always judgment-free and non-intrusive. Reach out to us today—we want to help your loved one start their inner voyage to recovery.

  • Do your staff members have personal experience overcoming addiction?

    The Inner Voyage team consists of professionals from all walks of life. Many are in recovery themselves or work in recovery because they have a passion for seeing people heal. Every member of our team wants you to feel like you belong so you can heal and thrive. A life of sobriety is the goal for every person who walks through our doors and every team member is passionate about that goal.

  • How do I know which program is best for my situation?

    You don’t have to know which program will be best for you—that’s what we’re here for. We provide custom-tailored treatment plans for each individual that walks through our door. We monitor your progress through our program and will adjust your treatment plan accordingly as you progress. Our goal is to see you succeed in recovery and we tailor your plan around that goal.

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