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When someone makes the important decision to seek help for their addiction to alcohol or drugs, they have several questions. One of the first ones is about how they will pay for treatment. Inner Voyage Recovery Center accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield rehab coverage that helps people face their addiction head-on and achieve lifelong sobriety. Our rehab programs include several outpatient plans that allow each person to receive the valuable care they need without having to move into a facility. Using insurance to make treatment for substance abuse a reality helps millions of people become sober.

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What is Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance?

Formed in 1929, Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance provides comprehensive coverage for over 100 million people across the country. It is the oldest health insurance company in the U.S. and provides vital healthcare in all 50 states. In fact, Blue Cross Blue Shield companies cover 82 of the Fortune 100 employers.

Blue Cross Blue Shield offers coverage for a variety of conditions, including everything from one-time needs to chronic conditions. Depending on what policy a person has, it can cover things like doctor visits, emergency room visits, medications, therapy sessions, physical therapy, preventative measures, assessments, and behavioral healthcare needs. How much coverage costs depends on which policy a person has and if they have met their deductible. 

To contact Blue Cross Blue Shield, you can call the toll-free number on the back of your member ID card or visit their Contact Us page and follow the instructions. 

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Rehab?

Too often, people assume that insurance companies do not provide help paying for treatment for addiction to drugs and alcohol. Actually, many insurance providers recognize that substance use disorders are medical conditions that need the vital care that comes from physicians, nurses, therapists, and treatment centers. Blue Cross Blue Shield rehab coverage allows people in need of treatment for substance abuse to get the valuable help they need. Coverage for rehab varies depending on the plan a person has and which state they live in.

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Mental Health Disorders?

Blue Cross Blue Shield recognizes that good mental health is as important as good physical health. For this reason, many of their policies cover the kind of effective help needed to treat mental health disorders. This includes things like individual therapy, group therapy, emergency mental health care, outpatient treatment, residential treatment, prescription medications, and more. 

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Blue Cross Blue Shield Tiers

What Blue Cross Blue Shield rehab coverage will include depends on the policy a person has. The company offers several tiers with varying amounts of costs covered and deductible amounts. The tiers are as follows:

Bronze: This level covers about 60% of medical costs. It has a low monthly payment and a high deductible. 

Silver: This level covers about 70% of medical costs. The monthly payment is slightly higher and the deductible is lower compared to the Bronze level. 

Gold: This level covers about 80% of medical costs. The monthly payment is somewhat higher and the deductible is lower compared to the Gold level.

Platinum: This level covers about 90% of medical costs. It has the highest monthly payment and the lowest deductible of all the tiers.

How Long Will Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Rehab?

How long a person can use their Blue Cross Blue Shield for rehab treatment depends on a few factors. First, which plan the person has and what benefits it offers determines the length of coverage provided. As well, what level of care and length of stay is recommended by the rehab program factors in. You can check for specifics on Blue Cross Blue Shield rehab coverage by visiting the Member Services page.

How Do I Check My Coverage?

If you would like to find information about what your policy provides, there are two ways to locate it on the company’s website. Go to the options for logging in page. From there, you can type in the first three characters of your member ID number found on your card. Then, select “Go”, and you will be redirected to your provider and can log in from there. If you do not have access to your member ID card, you can search for your policy information by using either your employer’s zip code or your own. Once you locate your provider’s information, you can check a list of providers for Blue Cross Blue Shield rehab coverage. 


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Do you need help overcoming addiction to alcohol or drugs and wonder what your options are for Blue Cross Blue Shield rehab coverage? Inner Voyage Recovery Center accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield in order to allow you or someone you love to receive the vital, life-changing treatment we provide for addiction. Our expert staff uses their experience and compassionate approach to help people conquer their substance use disorders by using one of our outpatient plans.

For more information about how to use your Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance to get quality rehab treatment, visit our admissions page now. Our staff can answer any questions you have about beginning the process of getting coverage for the care you need. 

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