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At Inner Voyage Recovery, our rehab centers near Atlanta provides clients with the motivation, tools, and support they need to change their lives and stay sober.

Our facility offers a dedicated, highly trained multidisciplinary team of licensed doctors and therapists. Together, we partner with clients to build a happier, healthier life in sobriety. We understand that addiction isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why we offer a number of different treatment modalities to help clients find which recovery path best fits their needs. Learn more about the services we provide, below.

Rehab Centers Near Atlanta: Services

Inner Voyage Recovery utilizes the latest evidence-based practices in medicine and psychology alongside proven addiction treatment options like cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, group therapy, family counseling, and 12-step program integrations.

Adventure Therapy

Holistic Rehab

Family Therapy

Intervention Services

Trauma Therapy

CBT Therapy

DBT Therapy

Medication Assisted Treatment

Christian Recovery

Atlanta Rehab

Counseling Programs

The impacts of addiction can be painful and widespread on the individual and their loved ones. During treatment, our multidisciplinary team works with you on a personal level, recognizing the many roles you take on as a parent, partner, or professional.

Addiction counseling at Inner Voyage Recovery helps replace self-destructive thoughts and behaviors with positive thoughts and healthy coping skills. Together, we work with clients to enable them to take control and create a healthy, productive life.

Your personal inner voyage to recovery may include professional services like:

  • Adventure-Based Counseling
  • Health and Wellness
  • Family Recovery
  • Intervention Services
  • Trauma Response Therapy
  • CBT Therapy
  • Therapy and Counseling
  • Medically Assisted Care
  • Community Connection
  • Christian Counseling

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Take the first step towards recovery. Contact our fully licensed and certified facility in Woodstock. Our compassionate, caring team is available to answer any questions you may have and begin the intake process today.

Inner Voyage Recovery offers each client the knowledge, skills, support, and hope they need to manage life’s problems and pursue more fulfilling, meaningful goals. If you or a loved one would benefit from our holistic drug and alcohol addiction treatment program, call us now at 470-460-8437.

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“As a parent of a loved one recovering from the disease of addiction, I have a lot of experience with recovery centers. So I speak with absolute confidence when I recommend Inner Voyage to anyone serious about getting help. The staff is loving, knowledgeable, and are passionate about helping people find their way back to a fulfilling healthy life. There is beautiful life after addiction and this is a place dedicated to helping people find their way.”

– Sandi A.

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