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Our Mission, Vision and Beliefs
About Inner Voyage Recovery Center in Atlanta Georgia
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OUR MISSION is to break the cycle of addiction and teach new ways of coping with anxiety and stressful situations that don’t involve drugs or alcohol. When you leave Inner Voyage, you step out into the road of recovery with the tools and knowledge that you need to continue your life of sobriety.

OUR VISION at Inner Voyage Recovery Center is dedicated to providing the most authentic, professional, and personalized experience for each client from assessment to aftercare. We believe that everyone does have the ability to gain freedom over their addictions with proper care, attention, and professional help. Our treatment team works together to provide a custom individualized treatment plan that will allow each client to have the greatest opportunity for long term peace, freedom, and ultimately purpose filled lives.

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Our Beliefs

We believe everyone BELONGS. Within our kind, caring, and compassionate environment everyone is heard and known with no judgement. Our team is composed of a diverse group of professionals that operate from a belief that each person is uniquely special and has amazing gifts and abilities that can be used to impact the world for good. We believe everyone can HEAL. From the moment they enter our program all the way through aftercare, we are here to help. We view each day as an opportunity to build on top of the previous day’s growth and healing. We believe that everyone can THRIVE. We want to see and help clients not only heal from addiction but start a new life of connection; connection to God &others. This is our heartfelt goal at Inner Voyage.

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Our Values


In recovery, growing into a person that values integrity requires the help of others that model and live it daily. Our team from leadership down believes that doing the right thing, even when no one else can see, is an important principle to a successful recovery foundation. It is easier for others to see the importance of incorporating these values into their lives when they are lived out by those that are suggesting them.


Our team is made up of people that have personal experience with addiction or have a strong desire to help those struggling with it. Our team seeks first to listen to understand rather than try to be understood allowing for each interaction to build therapeutic connection and emotional trust. When people can tell you care about them, they are much more willing to allow others to journey with them down the path of real healing


Lifestyles of addiction isolate and separate us from others. One of the key opposites of addiction is connection. Within our community we create a space that allows each person to interact with others while helping them develop the skills necessary to successfully engage with the world around them. We also value creating fun activities and experiences that allow for cultivating the inner joy of a life free from addictive substances. Our immersive, Partial Hospitalization Program, along with Intensive Outpatient Program in Atlanta helps individuals find a community of likeminded individuals for the same common goal of recovery.

Personal Care

Creating individual treatment plans and customizing each person’s programing, counseling, and therapy is of high value. We are intentional around each and every piece of the recovery process and programming that goes into each individual treatment. We are aware that everyone has a different set of lived experiences, traumas, and dynamics that are being addressed. Our dedicated team utilizes their different skill sets and education to leverage our ability to tailor their treatment in the greatest capacity.

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Meet the Founder of Inner Voyage

Jeff Baucom

Jeff Baucom, CACI

Jeff is a local resident of Woodstock and grew up in the East Cobb area. Jeff started his journey as a person in recovery himself when he realized his passion for helping others. He combined his newfound passion with his business experience to create a genuinely impactful recovery program. Jeff has owned and operated recovery businesses since 2017. He also attained his Certified Addiction Counseling Level 1 (CACI) during this time.  

As CEO of Inner Voyage Recovery Center, Jeff is responsible to provide guidance for the overall direction of the organization. He also collaborates with Inner Voyage directors to ensure proper continuity of care between departments. The opportunity of serving the staff and clients alike while improving systems and services is exactly where Jeff thrives.

In his free time, Jeff enjoys reading and studying leadership materials, spending time with his wife and 11-month-old daughter, and riding his dirt bike.

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We Accept Most Major Insurances

Blue Cross insurance for drug rehab
Cigna insurance for drug and alcohol rehab
Beacon insurance for rehab in Atlanta Georgia
Aetna insurance for drug rehab Atlanta
Humana insurance for drug rehab

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