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Drug and Alcohol Addiction
What we treat at our rehab facility near Atlanta GA
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At Inner Voyage, we have extensive experience with substance abuse. We realize that no two addictions are the same, so we offer different programs and therapy options that are specifically designed to treat your needs. Some of the most common addictions that we treat include:

  • Alcohol
  • Heroin and Fentanyl (Opioids)
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Prescription Pills
  • Methamphetamine

At Inner Voyage, we don’t just treat your addiction, we actively work to treat the underlying conditions that led to your addiction. We want to help you address past traumas, broken relationships, and your mental well-being. We believe that the best way to achieve long-term recovery is by addressing the roots of your addiction, and we want to provide you a safe and encouraging space to work on your recovery.

How We Treat

Substance Abuse Disorders

At Inner Voyage, our goal is to provide treatment programs and counseling services that are customized to fit your needs. During your recovery journey, we’ll work with you every step of the way to discover the treatment options that work best for you.

Drug Treatment Programs: We offer multiple drug treatment programs based on your needs including partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs. Our programs offer the structure needed for recovery, while teaching you the coping methods you need to deal with stressors in your everyday life. Regardless of which program you choose, we want you to thrive throughout your recovery journey.

Counseling Services: Our counseling services place an emphasis on evidence-based techniques that have been proven to help people throughout their recovery journeys. When it comes to counseling, we believe in treating the whole person, not just their addiction. We believe that addressing the trauma behind your addiction is the best way to achieve long-term recovery. In order to address your trauma and begin your healing process, we offer multiple addiction counseling services including adventure-based, community connection, and CBT therapy programs.

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How We Treat

Dual Diagnosis

A dual diagnosis occurs when a person is experiencing both a substance use disorder and a mental illness at the same time. Mental health conditions common to those using substances include depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and trauma. These are serious conditions and many times individuals will use substances to cope with difficult feelings.

Substances often interfere with the effectiveness of medications designed to help mental illness, causing individuals’ increased substance use and perpetuating a ceaseless cycle of impairment. The daily situation for a person grappling with an untreated dual diagnosis grows worse over time, as both the symptoms of the substance use disorder and the mental illness increase in number and severity. Without appropriate treatment, experiencing improvements in mental health or substance use are difficult to achieve.

Dual diagnosis treatment involves addressing both the substance use disorder and the mental illness simultaneously, though many programs will only treat one of these conditions, requiring people to switch facilities and work with an entirely new treatment team. Inner Voyage Recovery believes clients should receive the therapy, medication, and support necessary to begin feeling better and making progress in their lives. 


Counseling Services

Regardless of your religious beliefs, Inner Voyage is here to help you on your path to recovery. However, we do offer Christian-based counseling options for people that are interested. We believe that connecting with your faith is a great way to achieve long-term recovery. Some of our faith-based programs include:

  • Prayer & Meditation
  • Fellowship
  • Praise & Worship
  • Daily Devotionals
  • Biblical & 12 Step Studies
  • Scripture Study
  • Spiritual Reflection
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We Treat


When struggling with an addiction to alcohol, it is important to remember that you are not alone. At Inner Voyage, our rehabilitation services are designed to help end a person’s reliance on substances like alcohol, so they can reach all of their sobriety goals.

Drug Addiction

 An addiction to drugs can have a significant impact on a person’s overall health and well-being. That’s why Inner Voyage provides our clients with safe and effective drug rehabilitation services, so you can live a healthy, sober lifestyle.

Dual Diagnosis

When a person receives a dual diagnosis, they are found to be struggling with both an addiction and one or more mental health issues. At Inner Voyage, we offer comprehensive and individualized programs designed to treat the co-occurring issues that comprise a dual diagnosis.

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