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Heroin Rehab in Atlanta

Heroin Addiction Rehab

Overcome heroin addiction at Inner Voyage, your Atlanta drug treatment center.

At Inner Voyage Recovery Center, we recognize the profound impact heroin addiction can have on individuals and their loved ones. Our comprehensive Heroin Rehab Guide is designed to provide insights into our personalized treatment methodologies, emphasizing a whole-person approach. We believe in not just treating the addiction but understanding and addressing the underlying causes, including trauma and other contributing factors. Dive into our guide to explore the various levels of care we offer, ensuring every individual finds the path to recovery that resonates best with their unique needs.

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Signs of Heroin Addiction

Recognizing the signs of heroin addiction early can be crucial in seeking timely intervention and treatment. While the symptoms can vary in intensity and manifestation from one person to another, there are common indicators that suggest a possible addiction.

Physical Signs: One of the most immediate signs of heroin use is the short-lived, intense euphoria, often referred to as a “rush.” Following this rush, the individual might experience a state of drowsiness and relaxation for several hours. Physical symptoms can include constricted pupils, dry mouth, and a warm flushing of the skin. Over time, frequent heroin use can lead to weight loss, needle marks or scars from injections, and infections or abscesses at injection sites.

Behavioral Changes: Individuals addicted to heroin often exhibit significant behavioral changes. They may become secretive, isolating themselves from family and friends. There’s often a noticeable decline in performance at work or school, coupled with a lack of interest in previously enjoyed activities. The overwhelming need to procure and use heroin can lead to lying, stealing, or other deceptive behaviors.

Mental and Emotional Indicators: Heroin addiction can also manifest in various mental and emotional symptoms. Users might display increased anxiety, mood swings, or periods of hyperactivity followed by sudden lethargy. There’s often a noticeable lack of motivation and a persistent state of drowsiness or fog. Over time, the individual may also show signs of depression or hopelessness, especially if they recognize the grip the addiction has but feel powerless to stop it.

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Our Heroin Addiction Treatment Programs

At Inner Voyage, we offer personalized treatment programs to help you overcome your heroin addiction. All of our treatment programs are built using a whole-person approach to addiction. We believe that the best way to achieve recovery is by treating your addiction and addressing any underlying trauma that may have led to it. Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP): Our PHP programs are designed for those that need the structure of an inpatient treatment without having to stay at a facility. This program allows you to receive support during the day and still return home every night. If you don’t have a safe place to stay near our facilities, then Inner Voyage will work with you to find a nearby sobriety house.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP): IOP treatments work best for people that need treatment without detox services. Similar to our PHP treatment, IOP programs don’t require you to stay in a facility and are designed to help you return to your normal life while still receiving treatment.

Outpatient Counseling: Our counseling services are built to keep you committed to your recovery as you live your everyday life. Addiction doesn’t end when you exit a rehab center, so our counselors are here to help you when you face stressors or think about relapsing. We offer a variety of counseling services including:

Rehab Center FAQ’s

We know that choosing a drug and alcohol treatment center isn’t an easy choice. There are many decisions to be made and we want you to know that you are not in this alone. Browse our FAQ to find clarity.
  • Am I protected by the Federal Government if you seek help with your addiction while employed?

    Yes, you are protected by the Federal Government under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA provides certain protections to employees with disabilities, including those who are recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. It prohibits discrimination and ensures that individuals have the right to seek treatment without fear of losing their job. Additionally, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) may allow eligible employees to take unpaid leave for treatment without the risk of job loss.
  • How is Inner Voyage Recovery Center different from other treatment programs?

    Inner Voyage Recovery Center stands out through our personalized and holistic approach to addiction treatment. We emphasize individualized care plans tailored to each person’s unique needs and circumstances. Our program integrates traditional evidence-based therapies with holistic practices such as mindfulness, yoga, and nutrition counseling. Our compassionate and experienced staff provide a supportive and nurturing environment designed to foster long-term recovery and personal growth.

  • What if my loved one is not ready for treatment but needs it?

    If your loved one is not ready for treatment, we can provide support and guidance to help them see the benefits of seeking help. Our team can assist you with intervention strategies and offer resources that may encourage your loved one to consider treatment. We believe in meeting individuals where they are and helping them understand the importance of recovery at their own pace.
  • Do your staff members have personal experience overcoming addiction?

    Yes, many of our staff members have personal experience with addiction and recovery. This personal insight allows them to connect with our clients on a deeper level, offering empathy, understanding, and inspiration. Their firsthand knowledge of the recovery journey enhances the supportive and nurturing environment we strive to create at Inner Voyage Recovery Center.
  • How do I know which program is best for my situation?

    Determining the best program for your situation starts with a comprehensive assessment conducted by our experienced professionals. This evaluation considers your specific needs, history of substance use, mental health conditions, and personal preferences. Based on this assessment, we will recommend a tailored treatment plan that aligns with your recovery goals. Our team is here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring you receive the most appropriate and effective care.
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