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Woodstock Treatment Center

Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center in Woodstock, GA


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At Inner Voyage Recovery, the staff at our Woodstock treatment center understands the complex nature of drug and alcohol addiction. Because of this, not every type of therapy works for every person. Our whole-person approach can help you to thrive in your addiction recovery. The programs we offer include navigating your thoughts, feelings, and emotions with transformative Trauma Response Therapy, evidence-based therapies, and counseling to help you find your sense of purpose and a thriving start to recovery.

Why Our Woodstock Treatment Center?

Located just thirty miles north of Atlanta, Woodstock is a safe community and ideal place to find healing and hope. With a vibrant recovery community, and our team expands on the vast and picturesque parks, trails, and outdoor beauty with our adventure therapy, medication-assisted therapy and more. 

What to Expect at our Woodstock Treatment Center

Partial Hospitalization Program

Our treatment center offers a one-of-a-kind Woodstock PHP that combines the benefits of inpatient programs and comprehensive outpatient programs to effectively assist you on your journey to recovery. With this program, you can enjoy the flexibility of being able to return to your house at night while attending rigorous treatment during the day.

The Partial Hospitalization Program option is a full-time commitment designed to help you live the life you deserve without the need to travel or move into the facility. If your current situation does not allow you to stay at home or staying at home is not in your best interest, Inner Voyage Recovery is here to help you connect with a local sobriety house.

Intensive Outpatient Program

The Woodstock IOP provided by the experienced team at Inner Voyage Recovery allows more freedom than other programs while providing more structure than traditional outpatient treatment programs. Individuals can continue with their daily lives of going to work or school and staying in their homes all while attending effective treatment for their addiction.

Our addiction treatment professionals can help you learn the tools you need to handle your daily routine, major life changes, and common stressors without falling back on substance abuse. We are happy to work with you to develop a plan that fits within your schedule so that you can carry on with your day-to-day activities in a safe, happy, and healthy way.

Outpatient Counseling

Inner Voyage Recovery knows that returning to your “normal” life after substance abuse treatment is no walk in the park. You must take what you have learned throughout the program and put it into practice while navigating past traumas and everyday triggers. But you don’t have to do this alone. Our compassionate team will be there every step of the way with our Woodstock outpatient counseling program. We will help you stay committed to your sobriety every day, even when you feel completely out of your depth.

Tailored, Evidence-Based Treatment

What We Treat

The staff at Inner Voyage Recovery aims to ensure that we are more than just a Woodstock drug rehab facility. We know what it takes to make a successful and lasting recovery because many of us have been where you are today. This is why our treatment programs are based on the most up-to-date scientific research. Each of our programs can be adjusted to suit the specific needs of each individual, because each person is unique and deserves treatment that works for them.

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