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Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy in Atlanta, GA

Benefits of DBT therapy services in Georgia

At Inner Voyage Recovery, our Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) in Atlanta teaches individuals to better manage interpersonal relationships and regulate intense emotions using distress tolerance techniques and mindfulness practices. The goal is to help clients identify and alleviate the deep emotional pain that contributes to and results from drug and alcohol addiction.

We believe change and acceptance are intrinsically related. By resolving conflicts between what can be changed and what must be accepted, clients are able to live a more balanced, healthy life in sobriety.

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What is Dialectical Behavior Therapy?

Dialectical behavior therapy is a proven, evidence-based method that works to shift negative beliefs and balance the need for acceptance with the desire for change. DBT has been shown to be highly effective in helping people control emotions, strengthen self-management skills, reduce anxiety, and control destructive behaviors.

How Does DBT in Atlanta Work?

DBT can happen in group sessions as well in one-on-one sessions. In initial sessions, your therapist will ask you to recall experiences and issues that affect your daily life. Once you begin talking about these, your therapist will help you explore different techniques to help you cope with painful memories.

Typical DBT curriculum runs over a 24-week period, however, during our programming, we intersperse DBT skills and techniques into group therapy along with individualized therapy, if requested.

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Principles of DBT Therapy

We help clients incorporate mindfulness, conflict resolution, and acceptance in a comprehensive DBT treatment plan. DBT recovery plans are focused on four primary elements:


In dialectical behavior therapy, we use mindfulness to teach clients how to focus on the moment while observing actions, reactions, and feelings in an objective manner. For those with substance abuse disorder, it can be difficult to remain grounded in the moment without worrying about the future, thinking about the past, or seeking relief in drugs and alcohol.

Distress Tolerance

Distress tolerance teaches the ability to accept a difficult situation without relying on substances to escape painful emotions. Clients are encouraged to experience difficult situations and accept reality as something the individual cannot change. Practicing acceptance without judgment or resistance helps clients develop the resilience to handle whatever life brings next.

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Interpersonal Skills

Teaching interpersonal effectiveness allows clients to balance priorities and nurture personal relationships. Using conflict resolution techniques and improved communication skills, clients are better able to manage problems at home and work and create a more stable, sober life. Armed with these skills, individuals see improvement in personal relationships, stress management, and emotional regulation.

Emotional Regulation

Our goal is to help people experience better emotional regulation in managing overwhelming or unwanted feelings. We help clients work to understand their own emotions and in turn, help reduce emotional vulnerability and minimize emotional suffering. Using healthy coping skills, clients are encouraged to more accurately identify and manage complex, sometimes painful feelings.

Benefits of DBT Therapy in Atlanta

DBT can help individuals recognize maladaptive behaviors that keep them living life to their fullest potential. However, that is not the only benefit of DBT Therapy. Other benefits of our DBT Therapy in Atlanta include:

  • Identifying triggers and understanding root cause issues.
  • Gaining a better relationship with yourself.
  • Preemptively understanding where your negative thinking can lead you to.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Substance Abuse

DBT therapy for substance abuse teaches clients how to accept feelings, thoughts, and past experiences without judgment. Counselors work to help individuals verbalize, identify, and understand the complex nature and origin of their emotions. In a compassionate caring environment, individuals learn important emotional regulation skills that make it easier to manage conflict and emotional responses without turning to alcohol or drugs for relief. We incorporate DBT into the following levels of care:

DBT for drug addiction

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At Inner Voyage Recovery, we offer a continuum of care that serves the whole person. Our team of doctors and clinicians rely on a wide variety of evidence-based therapies to help clients in their alcohol and drug rehab in Atlanta. DBT skills like mindfulness, distress tolerance, and emotional regulation are Incorporated in all levels of care. Our licensed and trained therapists employ every means to ensure each client’s needs are fully met.

If you or someone you love would benefit from dialectical behavioral therapy and substance abuse mental health treatment, reach out to our knowledgeable, caring admissions team. We are available to provide more information about our DBT drug recovery programs and begin the intake process today.

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