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OCD Treatment Atlanta

OCD Treatment Atlanta

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a serious mental health issue that impacts millions of adults. This disorder can quickly take over your life because it forces you to obsess over certain thoughts and relieve them with repetitive behaviors. Severe cases of OCD can be detrimental to your daily routine since your mind tells you to act on your intrusive thoughts before anything else. 

You no longer need to experience this disorder’s debilitating effects. Inner Voyage Recovery Center offers effective treatment plans in the greater Atlanta area and will help you overcome your obsessions and the anxiety that stems from them. Let our team of mental health professionals teach you useful coping mechanisms and set you on a path forward. 

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What Is OCD?

Many think of obsessive-compulsive disorder as nothing more than a character quirk that involves repetitive tapping or counting. However, the impacts of this disorder are far more debilitating, as most patients can’t complete basic tasks without their symptoms getting in the way. The primary symptoms of OCD are:

  • Obsessions: Distressing thoughts that may center around misplacing items, catching germs, or mentally repeating words or numbers
  • Compulsions: Actions that comply with certain obsessions, such as arranging items a certain way before use, excessive hand washing, or consistently counting number patterns out loud

Patients may experience one symptom or both, but in either case, they must act out what their brains tell them. Otherwise, they get consumed by anxiety and stress that are difficult to cope with. 

What Types of Treatment Are Available?

At Inner Voyage Recovery Center, we base our treatment plans around medication and psychotherapy. Depending on the severity of your symptoms, you may be able to reduce your symptoms solely with medication or combine it with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for more effective results. 

CBT focuses on solving problems to change your mindset, but our experienced therapists use a special practice known as exposure and response prevention (ERP). This method forces you to confront objects or situations that trigger your obsessions and anxiety. You must avoid compulsive behaviors to see that exposure to the object does not cause any harm. 

Repeating these steps significantly alters how you view certain triggers so that they won’t bother you as much. Every patient’s treatment plan and timeline are different, but our wonderful staff will guide you every step of the way. 

Why Seek Treatment for OCD?

OCD is a chronic disorder, so it’s crucial to seek treatment if you want to get your symptoms under control. You’ll receive support from qualified healthcare professionals in a safe environment and learn how to manage this disorder.

Treatment is the only way to reduce your anxiety and distressing thoughts, so take the leap today. 

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Help Is Only a Phone Call Away

Don’t let your obsessions take over your life and dictate your daily routine. Seek professional OCD treatment from Inner Voyage Recovery Center, and let us give you back your freedom.

Call our friendly staff at (470) 460-8437 or browse our admissions page to learn more about treatment plans and how you can enroll in one. 

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